How much does it cost to rent?
For photographers, please visit our Studio Rates page to see a complete list of pricing.  For small events, workshops, and intimate gatherings – please inquire directly for special rates.

Is there a deposit required to book?

Payment for your studio rental is required in full to book your date. A $100 refundable security deposit is required on the day of your photo shoot. You will receive your check back or your credit card will be refunded back following your scheduled rental period provided there was no breach of contract and all of the studio policies were adhered.

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations of confirmed bookings will result in the following charges:

If 72 hours or more prior to the rental date, then Client may reschedule the rental date within 1 month without penalty.
If 48 – 72 hours prior to the rental date, then 50% of all payments will be refunded.
If less than 48 hours prior to rental date, then no payments will be refunded.

What is the recommended booking time for scheduled portrait and commercial shoots?

We recommend a 2 hour window for full portrait, bridal, or senior photo sessions.  For newborns, we recommend 3hours – half day. For commercial projects, we recommend booking by the full day.

What does my rental space and time consist of?

We have two options for booking our space:

(1) 800SF All-White Studio: This rental space consists of the  all-white studio space, client lounge, and available studio props only.

(2) 2500SF Exclusive Studio Access:  This rental space consists of private and exclusive access to the all-white studio space, client lounge, front production area, all studio props, office desks & client seating area.

Plan your rental time such that you have allowed for set up, client meeting, session, and cleanup to happen within your rental time. Please also plan for your client arriving late or for your scheduled session running over.

Arriving before your scheduled time to set up is not permitted, as another photographer may have the space during that time. Please note that extending your scheduled time will result in a 50% increase in hourly rate.  Plan time not only to break down any equipment you’ve used, but to also clean any messes and to sweep the floor.

Tell me about your 2500SF Exclusive Studio Access?

Park Studios shares a large (but separate) space with Alice Park Photography and NAPCP. This add on includes your use of the common space outside of the studio and beverage bar with the guarantee no one will be onsite except a Studio Manager. Certain areas of the office will be off limits.

Rentals with over 10 people will be required to book this option.
Any sessions including nudity (i.e. boudior), even for a portion of the session, are required to book this option.
Rentals for mini sessions are highly encouraged to book this option to provide a space for clients in case of overlap.

What is prohibited in the space?

Please review all of our studio policies for a list of what is prohibited in Park Studios.

Can I host parties or events in the space?

Yes, Park Studios is available for small event rental.  Bridal lunches, birthday parties, corporate lunches, private receptions and even small weddings!

Please inquire about your specific needs for event space rental

What time is the light the best?

We designed the space so that light is optimal no matter what time of the day. You will receive soft, even light from time the sun rises until about 2 hours before the sun begins to set (around 9am – 5pm). Because the studio is west facing, the light tends to be a little harsher in the late afternoon.

What types of props do you provide?

We provide:

1. A linen tufted loveseat
2. A linen bench
3. An 8’x8’ movable wall with options of a charcoal gray or natural wood grain backdrop
4. A queen size bed with a linen headboard and white sheets – this has been temporarily taken out due to COVID until further notice.
5. A white, modern Eames-style chair

How large is the rental space?

The natural light studio space is approximately 800 square feet. The client lounge area adjacent to the studio is approximately 150 square feet.

Tell me about the client lounge area?

Nestled right next to the studio space is a client lounge area that houses a custom-built vanity area, a small kitchenette, dining area for 4, children’s play area, and extra seating for additional guests. We designed it to make your clients feel right at home.

How do I book?

To reserve your desired date and time, please follow the below steps:

  1. Check out our Calendar here to see if the date and time you want is available. Remember that the Calendar is a planning tool only; your date is not guaranteed to be available.
  2. There is a 2 hour minimum to book the studio.  Each room rents by the full hour. Plan your rental time such that you have allowed for set up, your shoot/meeting, and cleanup to happen within your rental time. Arriving before your scheduled time to set up is not permitted, as another photographer may have the room during that time. Standard business hours are 9am – 5pm.
    Submit your reservation request.
  3. Once our team has reviewed your reservation request and confirmed your project adheres to our studio guidelines and policies, we will send you receive a contract to sign with a link to pay your deposit and studio rental fee. Both are required to secure your rental.

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